Sophie Hellinger

She is an extraordinary woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Her many facets and appearances make it impossible to describe her in words.
She has been dealing with the almost limitless potential residing in evey human being.
Anyone who can and wishes to get involved with her will appreciate her skills and open-mindedness. In any case, she leads people into their light and dark sides. This is not an everyday occurrence. There are connections that reach wider and deeper than the limited mental imaginations.
She easily crosses limiting borders. She opens up scientific fields and leads you to solutions in border areas that everyday consciousness is inaccessible to.
Her knowledge and skills range from professional career movements to health issues, both psychic and physical, to countless other unexplored areas of life.
Sophie Hellinger teaches and passes on her knowledge and skills in seminars of New Hellinger® Family Constellation as well as in energy seminars (Cosmic Power® seminars). In these courses, the participants will come into contact with cosmic energies that initiate, strengthen and accompany a comprehensive healing process of change.