Connection to the Cosmic Force - Stage I

Meditation – Introduction Level I

Find a quiet moment, a quiet place wehre you can meditate without disturbance. Anything else may and should wait now.

You give yourself alone the time to connect to the one all-encompassing cosmic energy with your BEMB, your duplicate.

We set a very distict frequencey inside of us. In this frequency a very special form of connection takes place and it can change our states of consciousness. We turn towards our duplicate and the all-encopassing force.

To one who always keeps knocking the door will be opened.

•    Take off glasses

•    sit comfortably and upright

•    Place feet completely on the ground

•    Palms of the hands rest on the upper

The inner order:

Now I will meditate. This is a proclamation of the will to oneself.
"I am here to connect my consciousness tot he all-encompassing force".

Smile, defocuse the gaze.

The defocused gaze synchronizes the brain hemispheres and openes the gazer into infinity.

We ourselves out of the material world. The eyes are slighlty open and do not close. The eyes are defocused. There is no more blinking. This way the eye muscles and eyelids can relax. We don’t see anything or anyone precisely anymore and yet see everything. The eyes remain slightly open.

Expand the breaths to the maximum. Observe that the inhale and exhale breaths are equally long. It is a flowing breath - withour pressure or effort. It is silent breathing, as silent as breathing normally. Breath compeltelty with rhythm until relaxtion and freedom from thought set in, smile.

Perceive…if there is a distraction we say: Yes! Yet if even so additional thoughts rise up, realign youself towards the one and all-encompassing force - without oppressing these thoughts or wishing to drive them away.

With every breath you reconnect to this level. Don’t violate yourself to meditate or to breathe or observe breathing. The mediation has to succeedd by itself in tune with the breathing.
If we feel something in the body, e.g. a pain, we perceive it and simply say "Thanks for the information". Continue breathing with a soft gaze.
Only when we do not perceive anything around us anymore the eyes close.

Now the breathing is shallow. The body is asleep and the inside remains completely awake. We kee feeling the breath inside the nose, in the chest area or through the raining and lowering movement of the belly.

Duration of the meditation:

Set an inner timer before the mediation. Everything going over 30 minutes is sleep, not meditation. If something should change in life, than mediate daily 3 to 4 times for 40 days. Learn to discipline yourself innerly.

If you haven’t mediated for one day, then start again with day 1 and continue.

The breathing should be practiced until it becomes second nature to you.

This form of breathing can be used bfore or during an important conversation, e.g. seemingly difficult or unsolvable situations.

Practice breathing and make personal experiences with it.

All of this is no promise, but a possibility and an offer to be an active co-creater of your own life.
Sophie Hellinger