Cosmic Power® Family Constellation

Hellinger Family Constellation and Cosmic Power®

Cosmic Power® Family Constellation is an access to other planes and is ahead of proven science by ten and more years.
We know that everything that has ever existed remains. It is stored away.
Where? Inside everything.  Otherwise it woulnd’t be possible that an evidence can be derived from the hair of a human or an animal.
Plastic for example has always, no matter how or what it is or what has been produced with it, the original vibrational frequency of oil.
The human being is a storage facility as well as a sender of all information in the same way, since he is part of everything.  For this reason alone he has a large share of the events in all times and worlds.

Cosmic Power® Constellations

There is more between heaven and earth than what we are able to see or touch. There is a collective storage.

Family Constellation & Cosmic Power®

Cosmic Power® Family Constellation works basically on the information level. This information level can never be repeatedly measured. In an equal interaction of both, the result is a remarkable symphony.  The procedure, which consists of the constellator inviting the group to a joint observation with mindfulness, centering and benevolence has an increased effect on all people present.  This formula describes it:

Initial Wave Function

The established wave function of the respective existing information collapses through close observation. A vibration directed at reconciliation builds up. The future is changed. Everyone can feel it.

Through the constellation we are often lead into a distant past revealing terrible things to us. After the collapsing of information it is up the constellator’s and the observers’ awareness to overwrite the past to accordingly form it in the future.  The future is updated towards peace.

If the constellator and the client can subsequently remain free of any interpretation, the future is redesigned in space and time, always for the good of all.

If we expose ourselves to that, meaning when we are open, only inside the movement and being consciously the movement, if we feel what is being moved inside towards the outside and we BECOME it, then we will constantly realize NEW THINGS.

Everything REMAINS, but our vibrational frequency now reacts differently and has regained a natural spin, in which everything may be as it shows itself. The negative is not nourished further through rejection.


Sense and the meaning of consciousness are created through feeling.

If many people have the same feeling, a change in their direction is created, since everything consists of atoms and the human being is only 1% mass and 99% void space.
„There is more between heaven and earth than that,
what we can touch and see.“ Sophie Hellinger

Original Cosmic Power® Constellations

„The Original Cosmic Power® constellations open up
a perceivable collective memory.“ Sophie Hellinger

In the Original Cosmic Power® Constellations, there is no need to present a concern or explain anything. This would already limit the "I" that wants to show itself on several levels. Original Cosmic Power® constellations run simultaneously in several "spaces".
In a Original Cosmic Power® Constellation

• each participant can be taken along and get in touch with his very personal request,

• each representative can grasp their own personal issue,

• everyone, no matter where they sit, can enter this collective field,

• issues are also being processed from the collective storage,

• issues are also simultaneously processed from a wide variety of dimensions.


That's what the little word "more" means at the top of the text. Yes, there is "more" between heaven and earth...

In order to open these energy fields, meditation takes place before an Original Cosmic Power® Constellation. The application of the breathing technique is the key. The energies of these dimensions, e.g. the ancestors, the issues of the collective memory stored in the morphogenetic field, may appear. They are taken seriously and thereby find their pacification, possibly even their liberation. All this may simply happen and needs neither an intention nor a further explanation. Every person present is touched by it in their innermost being. Everyone takes with them what the person is ready and open for and can see and feel it.

In this way living family members become free from the burdens of their ancestors. The entanglements dissolve, they have an end. Those present feel relieved after an Original Cosmic Power® Family Constellation because the energies of the ancestors who were burdening them can now find their place again and take them back. Only then is it possible to return to our own place. Only then can we live. At last.

If the reader of these lines is a family constellator and Cosmic Power® practitioner, it becomes possible for them to switch on a higher consciousness with the inclusion of the breathing technique. These constellations lead far beyond the known. As a result of a loving movement towards the breath, another space immediately opens up in the constellations. The energies trust the constellator, are turned towards him and find themselves and the field opens. For this reason Cosmic Power® is also included in the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation training course.

This procedure has a potentiating effect on all those present, on their families and groups, on the environment, the collective and on all levels.