Cosmic Power® in Action

The human being is surrounded by a bio-electromagnetic field, the energy body. This bio-electromagnetic body, shortly called BEMB is real and exists in everything that has a form. It can be measured, felt and can even be represented by sensitive devices. Our energy body works like an antenna. The material antennas have a certain range for transmitting and receiving. Our BEMB’s antenna has no specific frequency and no limited range in space. The same way there is no limitation in time. The BEMB is a constant transmitter and receiver at the same time. This happens with or without a conscious orientation in our BEMB! We are constantly surrounded and accompanied by our double body, a bio-electromagnetic field. This means that we are always carrying our whole history with us. Every action is stored away inside of it. This way, we are, to put it shortly, the sum of all that we do or don’t do. We unconsciously controll this field through feelings and thoughts. Our BEMB is constantly in motion and engaged in a constant information exchange with everything that exists. Everything we are is the result of what we have ever thought. We are involved in everything that happens to us or that is given to us.

At the same time there is a constant setting on the material and the subtle energy levels. The results reveal themselves according to the resonance in the long or short term in all our relationships inside the body, being successful or the opposite. It should always be our purpose to explore our discomfort. It offers us the opportunity for personal growth on many different levels simultaneously. Each one of our 70 trillions of body cells is constantly listening and is active accordingly. For that reason alone i the inevtiable conclusion is that we design our fate with every single thought, feeling and action.

The New

If we become aware of this and wish to cause a transformation it is essential to live our daily routine with more consciousness and responsibilty. This mindfulness begins with the choosing of words.

"In the beginning was the Word" is as it reads in the Bible.

What is that supposed to mean? If a word was at the beginning, what force does a word hold? In the search for this word force of the world we soon come to find something.

The HUMAN: a cosmic computer?

We can make the test with any random person. We measure the current energetic level. Then we tell the person 3 unpleasant words. The immediately repeated test shows proves an energy decrease, depending on the word, of 60 to 90 %. Then we can repeat the test in the opposite direction, with the 3 most loving words, and we see an energy increase of 70 to 90 % with the immediate test results.

Cosmic Power® offers everyone the chance to explore immaterial fields and to apply what has been learned for individual and everyone’s good.

It is a very beneficial purpose to get to know the bio-electromagnetic body, to feel and physically controll, read, see and hear it. To understand, recognize and respect the unknown und unconscious information and accordingly turn towards what has been perceived. To engange in this information has far-reaching consquences for both sides and the system, which can set in immediately or some time later. There is the evidence of magical numbers, for example 3 and 40. The duration of the energetic connection remains on the according frequency level and leads to compeltely new possibilities, without ever thinking again of that person, thing or event. Sometimes we recongnize the connection orthe solution only years later.

Cosmic Power® in Action, according to one’s openness, enables relief from pain and sometimes also healing. It is a re-setting, an access to a level of realization.
Sometimes we are able to change our character as a result of exercise and reflection.
It leads to a new orientation towards the view on the world and one’s own goal in life.

The body may banish, but the spirit is eternal.