Sophie Hellinger answers questions about Cosmic Power®

Question: What is Cosmic Power all about?

Sophie Hellinger: Cosmic Power is the force that moves everything. It is the force, if we can and may call it that … because the word `force’ limits and leads to a certain concept.  But it is the origin of what moves everything. Thus, it is energy and energy is life. Then it doesn’t matter whether I look at a rock or at a person.  It was only a matter of time before each formed itself to become what it is.

Question: Can anyone learn this?

Sophie Hellinger: Yes! One who musters enough time and patience can progress very far. How? Through constant practice.

Question: How is Cosmic Power related to Family Constellation, for example in its latest development stage, the wordless constellations?

Sophie Hellinger: Cosmic Power is the basis of Hellinger Sciencia Constellations. Here I do not need to heat about a person’s issue, but it’s the art of listening with the heart. I have opened my heart through the eyes. When the person comes and sits next to me, I know what she feels and I know what she thinks. Most of the time there is great difference to what the person expresses as her problem. The root usually lies in a different place from where we think. Yet in every problem lies also the solution. Therefor it isn’t necessary to talk a lot. Sometimes it is important so that the mind is put aside and kept busy.  The great art of Cosmic Power is: when do I end it, saying to myself: “Stop, I don’t want to know everything about the other person” ?

Question: Why not?

Sophie Hellinger: There is an inner need, since I often experience it as something very painful, seeing what the other person is doing, how she runs deliberately towards her misfortune, without being allowed to give a word of advice.  Bert has taught me a lot, to remain silent and to let the other person walk into her misfortune.  Sometimes I think to myself: „There is so much potential behind that, can’t I intervene?” This way I often get into an inner conflict. 

Question: In what conflict?

Sophie Hellinger: Whether I should give clues in order to make the person heading to her misfortune aware of it and to prevent it. Or the opposite.

Question: Why?

Sophie Hellinger: Because it is noticeable whether it is possible or not! Very often the person has to make this experience, anything else would only delay and further prolong the difficulty.

Question: What is the “field”? What is inside of it? How was it created? Is it still growing? How is it “felt”?

Sophie Hellinger: With the Hellinger Sciencia Constellations we enter the quantum field. One could also call it the akashic records.  The field comprises everything and all that belong to it. There are many different fields. Every thought, every action and every feeling are stored in this field. It is pure energy which is available there as information.

Question: Does this information field one level or several ones? Are there so to speak deeper levels with “better” answers?

Sophie Hellinger: The constellation opens doors in order to enter theses timeless spaces.  As we know any person can call himself a “constellator” and with each one the door will open. If the constellator has an intention and so does the client, then it like as if they had entered a room and found the first door available that leads to a solution. But this same room has additional countless doors.  If the constellator can remain without intention, then maybe the next door will open. Now the question is, which door opens, if there are another 10 or 20 different ones. The possibilities are always in resonance with the constellator. When I then reach the next room, the next level, there are 30 other doors and so on.

Question: Who decides whether one should or shouldn’t intervene in a constellation? The field? The client? The constellator?

Sophie Hellinger: If the constellator remains without intention, one room after the other will open up. The more I speak the more likely it will be that I will remain in the first two rooms.  Only if a constellator doesn’t feel obliged to deliver a solution for the client, because he is afraid to lose the client otherwise, ONLY THEN he and the client will make progress.  But let’s assume he enters in wider spaces, then this comprises all participants who are present. Out of these fields and times information opens up that comes into resonance with all people present.  Individual constellations lead to group constellations with the Hellinger Constellations. Each person experiences liberation. The Hellinger Constellations take all careful observers along. It is as if they were mass constellations, in which every person receives what he or she requires and can put into practice now, in order to take the next steps.

Question: There are no individual constellations?

Sophie Hellinger: Of course, they exist as individual constellations as well. This is if we observe the event rationally, but with the person who wished for this constellation, all the other people present find a resonance to their own problem at the same time. Possibly they aren’t even aware of it at that point of time. It can be for example that the problem comes from many past lives before or from a future life.  This means that this problem from a past life is connected to an uncountable number of people and the conflict that was created back then has not been solved until today. This conflict can show itself in the current life as a person feeling unable to have a relationship or that no matter how much money she makes, she keeps losing everything again or no matter how much she works, she never gets to have any possession. Another example if a person with a healthy life style but who’s permanently sick.

Question: I would like to know more about this!

Sophie Hellinger: Using Cosmic Power® through the Hellinger Constellations we enter in dimensions where the client doesn’t need to verbally express his problem. In the field of New Hellinger Constellations many problems that have remained unsolved until today show and open up at the same time. It can also happen that the representatives switch the person that they were representing in the beginning. We never know with whom we’re dealing with in the moment.

Question: How do I as client recognize the real problem?

Sophie Hellinger: Only if one doesn’t mentally think of it, but by surrendering to the event with all senses. The more exact the problem is described the more it leads to a fixation. This would “paralyze” the healing and the solution, for example the feeling of sorrow remains unsolved.  If one lets reason analyze the problem, then one becomes weak. This is added by sadness or self-reproaches, because one says to oneself that that everything has already been done and tried out and even so, it didn’t help.

Question: How does one attain this state that the mind, the head, become still?

Sophie Hellinger: In order to put the mind to rest, a possibility is to ask the client before a constellation about what the issue is. Then the client’s mind is busy and feels as being taken seriously. I myself hear it, but I immediately forget about it again, completely exposing myself with the perception to what is happening. 
In daily life, I can quickly calm myself by stopping to defend my own convictions. This always means fighting, conflict and dispute are preprogrammed. For each conviction, I fight as if it were for my life, yet all of this is superficial. It is not about not having any convictions. It is about accepting the other’s convictions as also valid.
This is how I get back to the beginning: I may not intervene. I see the other person’s conviction.  At the same time, I feel sad because I see that the release of the potential becomes impossible because of the convictions. It is only a tiny separation - and yet, it is so big. The person is unable to cross this boundary. 

Question: Do I understand correctly: on receives information out of the Cosmic Power Field?

Sophie Hellinger: Yes!

Question: Can any person “tap into” this field? Or the other way around: does this field speak to every person?

Sophie Hellinger: Yes. One can learn how to connect to Cosmic Power. Because this plane is always there. It only requires the awareness and the necessary mindfulness. There, neither space nor time exist. There is no “good” and no “evil“, no “right“ and no “wrong”. We all have heard and read about this thousands of times. But the personal experience is something completely different.
The application can be learned like a musician who begins with an instrument. It is helpful when I say to the other person innerly: you are wonderful. I love you just the way you are.  Because you are unique. That is what you are.
Then nobody needs to achieve anything anymore. One is taken by this force and it leads the person through a maze. Every concept about “having to do” leads away from what is essential, leads away from love, leads away from the field in which we are all ONE.

Question: How did you come up with the name "Cosmic Power"?

Sophie Hellinger: It was conveyed or rather given as a present to me in a special way.