Cosmic Power® Association

Since my youth I’ve been carrying a wish in my heart, now the time has come.

I’m founding a charitable association.

The name of the association is “Cosmic Power®”.

Here people should gather and unite in the sense of a common idea and common action. Everyone who is committed to action in life and self-responsibility and would like to support other people, both inside and outside his or her immediate environment, is welcome.
My guiding principle is: I give what I can and what I have.
My guideline: Through unselfish, selfless and charitable actions towards ourselves and our fellow human beings, I contribute to creating a more humane, social and more livable environment. I make use of all the acquired learning and further resources that are appropriate for this purpose. I research and inform about the principles of peace, love and success in all areas of human life and pass on my knowledge to all interested people through courses, lectures and seminars.
Those who share the common ground and experience it enthusiastically will soon find out that something great emerges from it.

Sophie Hellinger