Important aspects of Cosmic Power® Seminars

Cosmic Power® -- What is it? -- Are we able to experience it?

Drawing from it in everyday life?

Each one of the Cosmic Power® course is a puzzle to activate one’s own life energy in order to be and feel permanently connected to the Cosmic Force. Naturally this may not only take place inside the head. And it isn’t enough either to have heard it all once and decide it’s good. The condition to be and stay connected it constant practice.

Constant practice means to join in on a different level from which something leading forward is activated inside of us and blockages are erased at the same time.

Our life duplicate

Our subconscience will urge conscience to act in only this way an never ever differently. Our bio-blectro-magnetic-body (BEMB) is always there and ready to support us.  We can rely on it. It never lies since we are unable to consciously lie to ourselves. It is I and my constant faithfull companion.

It is always about the same subject!

This can be sensed and felt by everyone inside. It requires a dialogue. How do I communicate with it?

In any case it seems important to stop walking through life being a self-service store or and energy donor for others. Feeling “exhausted“ and „empty“ is already proof that the doors are constantly open.

Our BEMB is present and always ready to help when support is desired. I don’t find it meaningful to advertise for Cosmic Power® Courses. Because those who haven’t listened to their own inner call to participate, will have a very specific expectations. And every expectation is already a limitation, probably one’s own greatest imitation. Every expectation closes the lock!

Nothing that has been experienced by another seminar participant is transferable to another single different participant. Because there are only unique specimen.  There are not wo identical eyes, snowflakes, drops of blood or fingerprints. We are all originals and walk next to ourselves as copies and are unaware of it.

Each person can experience something completely different, much wider and deeper than any person before.

Who or what has truly urged you to participate in the seminar or why it appealed to you will emerge much later, maybe after weeks, months or even years.