Cosmic Power® en Action (en anglais)

The Cosmic Power® courses are about taking responsibility for yourself and your whole life, finding new approaches and implementing them. It is about the expansion of consciousness and the activation of self-healing powers on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Once we have recognized the full potential for ourselves, we are able to pass on what we have received. That is all!


That includes:

• the Orders of Love,

• self-love,

• self-confidence,

• self-responsibility,

• mindfulness,

• to improve the connection to the field,

• to raise consciousness,

• abandoning victimhood,

• to be a conscious, strong and responsible person,

• to recognize and implement one's own possibilities,

• to learn phenomenological perception,

• CP breathing

• CP meditation,

• CP activation of self-healing powers,

• taking the initiative,

• discovering self-worth,

• to stand up for oneself,

• be one's own lawyer,

• to direct your own life script,

• acting with courage.


In the Cosmic Power® courses, we receive the key with which the lock opens to experience on a wide variety of levels. Through meditation and the activation of the self-healing powers we open further areas. The keys are unintentionality and the special Cosmic Power® breathing technique.

Each participant of the Cosmic Power® course learns this breathing technique within 3 - 5 days and can use it at any time in his private and professional environment. It is an instant procedure. Within five minutes we reach our center, the absolute fullness, the total connection to the void. What do we find in the void? Everything!

With Cosmic Power®, family constellators and those who want to become family constellators learn the essentials that lead into depth. And what is the essential? The all-embracing one: breath - breeze - air - spirit - that which inspires and unites us as humans.