Cosmic Power® e.V.

Membre de l’Association: (en Anglais)

Cosmic Power is a registered association in Germany which would like to support people in need.

We think of children whose parents are poor and who are therefore unable to take advantage of certain opportunities and activities offered by the school. Sick children who need a special device for their better well-being, or who have a very special wish at heart that their parents would like to fulfill but cannot afford. In these and similar cases we would like to help.
If you should know persons from your circle of acquaintances, who need such a help and support, you can inform us of it.
In the case that you would like to support a project where the donated amount is passed on in its entirety to the intended persons who really need help, the Cosmic Power Association is the right place for you.
If you feel the need to support people in need, but you don't know how, you can become a member of Cosmic Power e.V.