A feedback from the Compact Training in Pichl/Austria - April 07 to 11

This is a translated letter by a Chinese physician after his first seminar participation to Sophie Hellinger:


Dear Sophie,

When we look at us with love and compassion something wonderful happens: everything becomes compassionate. Our heart is not a “normal” heart, it isn’t only a muscle, it is a heart full of love and compassion in a different dimension. 

If we think rationally and look at everything from our perspective then our world is a world of duality. All are separated and constantly wishes and comparisons are made.

But if we see things from a Buddha-heart, there won’t be any resistance, no distinction, only being one.

I am a doctor and had thought that I alone healed my clients’ diseases with my professional knowledge. Unconsiously I always saw myself as big and my patients as small. I could decide on their life and death and could control them in many ways. Yes, my MEDICAL ARROGANCE was deeply hidden.

Now I see things completely different: I as a doctor am only a mirror of the patient, in which they can look into in order to find the inner root and family dynamic and reflect on their unhealthy life style and habits in relation to their diseases.

The cosmic force has a very strong healing power and I have developed a new perspective and ideas about the healing of love:  we as people can follow the laws of love and live up to the cosmos. Only the love that varies with time, place, people and the trend is the eternal truth.

We suffer from confusions, catastrophes and diseases. These are all manifestations if karma and it is also about love. All this is a different kind of love to protect our physical bodies and souls in order to wake us from our wrongful thinking and behaviors.

I love myself, I begin every day with Dao and love, I heal myself, I heal my family and then heal others. Sophie, I thank you for your giving, your instructions and your healing!

P. Zheng

Feedback from Cosmic Power® I Seminar

“…Very beautiful. This was what was necessary for me. To recall staying centered and in connection. Bert and Sophie from a strong field. Really very interesting! I will offer the exercies in my groups so that all get practice...“


(translated from Italian, thanks to Christina Niederkofler)