What is Cosmic Power®

Why not ask? Why not be curious? Why not improve life?

There is a possibility? Which?

Cosmic Power®   is energy. Energy is indestructible, it can only be transformed.

Energy is movement. Movement is life. Life is energy.

Cosmic Power®   can be experienced and learned by anyone.

Cosmic Power®   brings answers to questions of life that are not conceivable or possible in our daily routine.

Cosmic Power®   is the connection with everything that is conceivable und inconceivable.

Cosmic Power®   gives life a new direction.

Cosmic Power®  leads into the lightness of existence, joy and happiness.

Cosmic Power®   is available to young and old, it can be experienced everywhere at any time and possible in any form.

Cosmic Power®   is difficult to grasp on a rational level.

Cosmic Power®   leads to an experience of a plane of life.

Cosmic Power®   can be experienced and doesn’t only give answers but leads to a different and new level of experience.

What is necessary for Cosmic Power®?

The readiness, openness and the desire for more abundance, health, joy, happiness, more from life meaning more - more - more; that alone ist he condition to focus on new opportunities.

Cosmic Power®    is neither a method nor a doctrine or a religion

Cosmic Power®    means to rediscover the joy in the eternal and infinite development of “being”.

Cosmic Power®    is a way, a very conscious posture towards individual responsibility and self-determination.

Cosmic Power®    is the way to release the inner force of life and consciousness.

Cosmic Power®    is the way to self-awareness.

Cosmic Power®    is the way to self-development and finding the really on one’s existence.

Cosmic Power®    is the way to complete and global connection on all levels.

Cosmic Power®    is the way leading to realization of one’s own inner life goals.

Cosmic Power®   is the way to one’s own life potential.

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